We have a handy calendar and easy email reminder system to help you remember when to make your estimated tax payments. Let us make your Quarterly’s easy.

Estimated tax payments are due 4 times a year and can sneak up on you. We offer a calendar and an email reminder to keep you on track!

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Do You Need To Pay Quarterly Estimates

If you have income other than your salary then yes you should be making quarterly payments. What that means is if you are self-employed or doing any work where your income is not taxed such as 1099 compensation, then you should be doing quarterly payments.

If you are unsure how much you should pay for your quarterly’s please contact us at 623-825-3173 for us to  help you calculate your estimated taxes.

How Do You Pay Your Quarterly Estimates

If you are a Dane Holdings Tax Service client then please contact us to receive your estimated tax payment voucher for you to mail in to the IRS.

If you wish to make your payment online please go to IRS.Gov. Also be aware of any tax payments websites that were not verified by the IRS. Your tax information is sensitive information that many phishing sites want to get there hands on. To learn more about keeping your information safe please check out our blog.